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• Journal title suggestion:   We will analyze your proposed journal title, ensuring it is most suitable for use. We can also offer suggestions based on the scope of the journal. 

• Journal title availability search:    We will check important lists around the world to ensure that your proposed journal title is not already taken. It is important that your title do not match or compromise other titles. 

• Journal objectives, scope, frequency:   We will discuss your proposed objectives, journal scope and frequency and offer suggestions you may choose from. 

• Journal editorial process:   It is important you use a journal editorial process that you can work with and sustain. It is also important to incorporate best journal practices that are important for getting your journal indexed by important bodies and repositories. We will guide you through this and give suggestions. 

• ISSN application & allocation: ISSN is free and preferably, should be gotten from the country where your journal is based. We will guide you through the application process. However, if you prefer us to acquire the ISSN on your behalf, we can do that at an extra cost. 

• Publisher/Journal logo design:   We will design three quality publisher's logo and journal logo for you to choose from.

• Journal cover design: It is not compulsory, but it is important for your journal to have professional designed journal cover, for proper representation. We will design one of such for you. 

• Publisher/Journal letterhead design:   A professional letterhead design is important for local and international representation of your journal. We will give you a special letterhead design.    

• Design of publication formats:   Each publisher should have a unique design for its publication formats. We will create a standard design for you to use subsequently for the gallery proof, PDF and HTML versions of each published article. We will offer 2 - 3 designs you can choose from.

• DOI setup:   We have two DOI setup plans:    
1.     The complete plan: This plan is available to publishers that want to own and maintain their own DOI prefix for allocating and registering DOI for each of their articles. The package is offered by CrossRef, and goes with a yearly membership fee of 275 USD, separate from the 1 USD cost for each article DOI registration. We will guide you through the application process so you can receive a DOI prefix from CrossRef.    
2.     Sharing Plan: It is also allowed for two or more publishers to share a DOI prefix for registering their articles. If the aim is to get your articles a registered DOI, this is a more affordable approach. You do not get to pay the yearly 275 USD for membership, however, you will pay 1.5 USD as the cost for each article registration. We will manage the membership responsibilities and fees.    

• Consultancy/advisory services:    After opting for our services, we will begin briefing you with extensive knowledge that is needed for starting and managing a journal. Also, you can consult us at any time for professional guidance on journal related issues.   

• Design of editorial certificates:   Offering editorial certificates are a plus to authors, most of whom appreciate it. We will send you two standard designs for you to choose from.    

• Grafting standard editorial letters:   A journal editorial process has stages that constantly use their specific editorial letters. For example, letter for manuscript acknowledgement, acceptance, rejection, peer-review and more. We will equip you with professional letters that are well edited for the different stages of your editorial process.   


• Subdomain of our domain name (  This option is only available for our first pricing package that gives room to publisher with low budget or one that may want to see the outcome of their journal before upgrading.   In this case we will not register a unique domain for the journal, but rather create a subdomain that will be an extension of our domain name. For example, if the journal name is Sample journal, and ours is, it could tag with ours as or In this case, the yearly domain cost is avoided. However, if the publisher wish to have its unique domain name, it can be provided and the journal’ website can be transferred with ease.    

• Unique Domain name search and registration (   In this case we will register a new domain name for your journal. You will propose two unique domain names for your journal; we will search their availability and then register one. We can also suggest best matching domain names that are available. This goes with a yearly fee that must be paid on time each year.   Alternatively, you can give us you already registered domain name to work with.   

• Website hosting:   Website hosting is like paying rent for your business office in area you live, but in this case, the office space is online, and it will accommodate your Journal website. We provide website hosting at a yearly cost that must be paid timely to avoid service disruption.   

• Website design and setup (Wordpress or Joomla theme):   We will give you a professional website design that is unique and good to look at. It will have special coding that is required for journal indexing in Google scholar and other index platforms. We can make it easy for you to manage it, if you want to be the one handling your publications. The website will either have a wordpress theme or Joomla theme. The website will contain the important pages needed in a journal such as; About us, Author’s Instructions, Editor’s Instructions, Editorial Policy, Ethics Policy, and more. You will be required to choose the number of pages you want. 

• Open journal system (OJS) installation and setup:    The Open Journal System is a very useful tool for journal publishing. It comes with a basic design that is ready for publishing, or can be redesigned with special coding. It is very useful for thorough indexing of the journal and its articles. It also presents a manuscript management system that is easy to use, for assigning editors, peer-reviewers etc. and for processing the manuscript.   Unfortunately, it may not have the awesome designs that we can derive from Wordpress and Joomla themes. And sometimes upgrading the open journal system could be cumbersome.   Depending on your choice, we can setup the Open Journal System as the only website of the journal or you can run it hand in hand with a wordpress or Joomla site for maximum indexing. Besides, we possess professional skills to code wordpress and joomla themes for wide journal indexing.   

• Composing website content: In most cases this is your responsibility, however, we can be of assistance to update your website with basic and ready contents. 

• Social media setup and website integration:   If you need our help to set up the journal’s social media pages and accounts, we will love to help. We can also integrate social media with your journal website, so that your published contents can appear in your social media accounts (basically Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin). 

• Online store & payment platform:   We can assist with special website coding needed to integrate various payment platforms to your journal website. We can suggest online payment platforms that are available to your country and guide you on how to go about the setup.   If we handling a part of your editorial process for you, we can offer you our online payment platform so we can receive payments on your behalf and disburse you.


• Website management & upgrades:  We can help maintain the security of your site, keeping it regularly safe from hackers, malwares and performing important upgrades at different occasions. Websites are constantly in need on upgrades, you will need a professional to handle that if you cannot.

• Website Content updates:   In case you need to make important updates in the content of your site, we will be ready to assist you.  

• Creation of volumes & issues:    It is important to create volumes and issues in an orderly fashion. This goes hand in hand with the publication of articles. We can be of assistance. 

• Publication of articles in each issue (open access or closed):    This is a very important part of running a journal and we can be very useful here. Depending on the publication style you choose, we can schedule a time in the month to publish your articles. 

• Publication of different formats (PDF, HTML, XML):   Depending on your need, you can publish the journal articles in PDF, HTML, and XML.  Other publication formats are available (EPUB, MP3, MP4, Postal, etc) are available at extra cost.

• DOI assigning and registration:    It is important to follow a pre-determined order for assigning DOI to each article. While we can determine an organized order, we can also assist in assigning DOI to each article as well as registering them. 

• Publication coding for indexing by Google scholar and other important platforms:  Basically, we will code your journal website, the article pages, and the publication formats with special codes required for Google scholar and various index platforms to index them. 
• Journal indexing, impact factor, H-index:    We could apply on your behalf to have your journal listed on various databases. Over time, we can be of assistance in applying for your journal’s impact factor and calculating its H-index.

• Printing and Delivering Reprints/Hardcopies:    We can print your reprints/hardcopies and deliver them either to you or directly to the final recipient. The copies can be delivered either with regular mail or express mail. High quality art-papers and ink will be used for the printing. Printing can either be in black and white or full colour. 

• Ebook Publication and ISBN allocation:    We are ready to manage your ebook cover design and publication, as well as ISBN allocation.


• Handling the review process:  We can handle the any type of peer-review you prefer for your journal. We can derive quality peer-review comments from scholars around the world within your required time frame. We have a database of ready reviewers who are professionals in different fields, and will deliver review comments promptly.   

• Proofreading:  We have professional proofreaders to handle the proofreading of your article. While you can make a crucial part of your editorial process, you can also refer your authors to use our proofreading service to get a publisher’s discount, plus a certificate. 

• Language translation:  We offer translation services in various languages. We can create your website in different languages, as well as translate your articles into different languages. 

• Typesetting & Gallery Proof:  This is a vital part of the publication process and we are available to typeset your accepted articles and design them according to your blueprint. 

• Plagiarism check & analysis:  We can check your articles for plagiarism and give you a comprehensive report for each article.


• Inviting international editorial members   We can invite international editorial members from the scratch to be part of your journal or to supplement the ones you can reach.    

• General tutorials on journal management.   We offer comprehensive training packages that cut across different aspects of publishing and website management. We can provide such training to you and your staff members.


You will want to follow acceptable practices to publicize you journal(s). Getting the journal known is an important part of startup. Reaching out to your colleagues, students, close contacts can be a very good way to publicize your journal. However, we offer the following platforms to enhance your publicity to the rest of the world:    
• Promotional E-mail • Promotional SMS • Google advert • Facebook Advert • Bing advert. • Linkedin Advert    

Note that we have two publicity plans for each option above:    
1.     Shared publicity: We maintain an account for each of the above services, where we are able to reach a large number of members of the academic community every month. With such accounts we are able to introduce newly setup/integrated journals to the academic world. This can be very effective in promoting your journal to academicians, making it visible and known. Most of our pricing packages go with this option and it is a very useful advantage of using our services.    
2.     Full Publicity: We can set up new accounts and render publicity solely for your journal, which will span over a length of time. This is also very effective but more expensive.     


Would you like to transfer your already running journal to us for one or more of our services, we can successfully integrate your journal to benefit from our services. You can request for one or more services listed above.