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We make journal startup and management achieveable and easy.

We make customized websites for institutions, scholars and businesses. 

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our Mission

To direct and lead in website designing and journal management


We are discrete about creativity, We are current with new trends in web design and journal publishing.


We manage journals, and webistes with proper organiization. We are success oriented and focus on organizational goals. 


We provide all the training needed to manage a website and to run a journal successfully

Why delay? Get started now!

With us, it takes only your desire to get started. We will make up excellently for all the needed areas for your journal start up and management.

Do not delay or be discouraged, achievement starts from the first step. 

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key features

Full coverage for journal startup and managment


• Consultancy/advisory services
• Journal title suggestion
• Journal title availability search
• Journal objectives, scope, frequency
• Journal editorial process
• ISSN application & allocation
• Publisher/Journal logo design
• Journal cover design
• Journal letterhead design
• Design of publication formats
• DOI setup
• Design of editorial certificates
• Grafting standard editorial letters for correspendence

Website setup

• Domain name search and
registration (
• Website hosting
• Website design and setup
(Wordpress or Joomla theme)
• Open journal system (OJS)
installation and setup
• Composing website content
• Social media setup
• Video tutorials if you want to
manage your site personally.
• Online store & payment setup.

technical support

• Website management & upgrades
• Website updates
• Creation of volumes & issues
• Publication of articles for each issue
(open access or closed)
• Publication of different formats
• DOI assigning and registration
• Special article coding for indexing by  
Google scholar and other indexes.
• Journal indexing, impact factor, H-index.

editorial support

• Handling the review process 
• Copyediting 
• Proofreading 
• Language translation 
• Typesetting & Gallery Proof 
• Plagiarism check & analysis

Management & training

• Inviting/appointing international editorial members
• Staffing for the journal
• Tutorials for managing the website
• Tutorials for the editorial process
• Tutorials on publishing.

journal publicity

• Promotional E-mail
• Promotional SMS 
• Google advert
• Facebook Advert
• Bing advert.
• Linkedin Advert

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